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Kikuyu Kenda Grass | Seed and Turf
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Kikuyu Kenda Grass

Kikuyu Kenda Grass is a native of the highlands of East Africa and is now naturalized in many coastal and inland regions of Australia. It is the most vigorous of all lawn grasses. For this reason it is the most durable lawn, which will tolerate dry spells. kikuyu grass’s are the most economical and affordable lawns available.

Kikuyu Kenda is a warm season lawn with a medium broad leaf, which has a vigorous growth rate. This makes it an attractive hard-wearing lawn suitable for schools, sports fields, residential, commercial and semi arid areas. Its also great for erosion control.

Domestic and Commercial Turf

Domestic Lawn: Hard wearing Kenda® turf is the perfect choice for hard playing kids and energetic dogs. Kenda turf is a fast establishing form of Kikuyu turf with great drought and wear tolerance.

Commercial Lawn: Sporting fields, parks, golf courses, race courses and other amenity areas. Kenda® Kikuyu turf has greatly improved wear tolerance because it has four times as many rhizomes, and more vigorous stolons

Kikuyu Kendas Sun and Shade Tolerance

Kikuyu Kenda grass will thrive in full sun and maintain a healthy appearance. Poor and sparse growth will occur in shady areas. In warmer climates it will grow vigorously.


Kikuyu Kenda will perform extremely well under heavy traffic conditions. It will regenerate rapidly when damaged by sending out runners to repair the worn or scalped areas.

Keep out those pesky weeds. Kenda® turf grows dense and vigorously enough to make it hard for weeds to invade. Kenda® Kikuyu was bred to be predominantly cytoplasmic male sterile, meaning it is less likely to produce functional anthers, pollen, or male gametes. The fact that it is far less likely to produce seed means that birds are less likely to attack your Kenda® turf and spread the seed to your gardens. Common Kikuyu is often attacked by Galahs and other birds that chew the seed from the base, and can leave the lawn in a real mess. Play it safe with Kenda® Kikuyu turf.