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Hydro Seeding - Seed and Turf
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This method of lawn establishment represents a low cost alternative to Instant Lawn, yet is far superior to conventional hand seeding.


Hydroseeding a new lawn is an extremely fast and cost effective way to establish your new lawn. With this process the seed, fertilizer, lime and a cellulose fibre mulch are mixed with water and hydraulically sprayed onto a prepared soil surface. The seed is held in place on the soil surface by the fibre mulch, no more seed loss from those sudden, unexpected bursts of wind and rain etc.


  • Freeway Batters
  • Sporting Fields – Golf, Bowls, and Cricket etc.
  • Parks
  • Sand Dune Stabilization
  • Quarries and Mines
  • Factory gardens
  • Residential Lawns


  • Low Cost
  • Fast and efficient application
  • Higher percentage of germination
  • Reduced wind and water erosion
  • Ideal on steep slopes
  • Rapid seed growth
  • Dust suppression

All Hydroseeding works are conducted by Turf Renovation Australia.


Keep in mind that your new lawn must be well watered after application and regularly mown at an even height. Fertiliser and other Lawn Care materials should be used as required for your lawn’s continued health.

Watering is the most important aspect of ensuring the success of your new lawn. Your Hydroseeded lawn should be kept continually damp. Do not flood the area with excessive watering. Keep surface moist until full germination is complete (about 2 weeks). Be certain your new lawn has enough moisture to survive hot, dry and windy conditions. Water lawn near buildings and paved surfaces more often as reflected heat dries the soil more quickly.