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When to Water


Water only when your lawn needs it! How often you water your lawn will depend on the weather, the type of grass and soil you have.
The lawn should be partly dried out between waterings. This lets in air to the root system, stimulates deeper root formation and creates a more drought resistant lawn.
Watering every day or every other day is bad for your lawn and leads to disease and a shallow root system.
Winter watering is generally not necessary unless it is an abnormally dry season. During warmer months, a good deep watering once to twice a week will be sufficient.

Time of Day

Watering your lawn should be avoided during the heat of the day. Water in the early morning or evening to minimize water loss through evaporation.

How Much

Place a container on your lawn before watering. When the water in the container is 10-15mm deep, your lawn has had enough water. This can also be tested by the use a long screwdriver or a spade.


Avoid wasting water through water run-off

To minimize water runoff, test wetting depth of your lawn after watering and only continue watering to wet the full root depth. In addition, the regular use of a wetting agent will ensure less run-off and improved penetration of your water into the soil profile.

Establishing a new lawn

Please refer to our turf preparation & installation page.

Tips on irrigation

  • Regularly maintain your irrigation system to ensure maximum uniformity of coverage.
  • Test the evenness of the distribution and the number of minutes to run sprinklers by placing 5 or 6 empty tin cans randomly across your lawn to measure the level of each can in mm. An efficient system will show an even level in each can.
  • Use rain sensors to shut off irrigation cycles where possible.
  • Adjust automatic timers of in ground irrigation systems according to the plant’s seasonally changing water needs.

6 Great tips for success

  • Water only when your lawn needs water.
  • Check the four-day weather forecast before watering your lawn.
  • Water in the early morning and evening.
  • Water less often and more deeply.
  • Maintain your lawn and lawn care equipment.
  • Select a grass that needs less water.

More water wise tips

  • Older lawn with compacted soil will benefit from aeration to promote sub-surface water infiltration. It is best to do this in spring through summer with a pitch -fork or mechanical aerators.
  • Thatch is the organic cushion that builds up above the soil level. De-thatching is required periodically in older lawns to promote deeper root growth and allow water penetration. De-thatching machines can be hired from your local machinery hire outlet.
  • Soil wetting agents assist water to penetrate thick thatch, highly organic soils or water repellant soil that prevent water from getting to the root zone.

More water wise tips

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