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Types of Lawn

  • Lawns help to purify and cool the air. An average front lawn offers the same cooling as 2.5 air conditioners.
  • Lawns are an important source of plant oxygen exchange. A 15x15m turf area will sustain oxygen requirements for a family of 4.
  • Lawns are a natural filter to protect water quality and the environment.
  • Lawns provide noise abatement and glare reduction.
  • Lawns provide a safe, high quality, play area for children and pets.
  • A well-maintained lawn increases the value of your property.

Varieties Available

 Quick Reference Guide
Santa Ana Couch Kikuyu Kenda Matilda Buffalo Tall Fescue
Water Usage Good Excellent Good Good
Drought Tolerance Excellent Excellent Excellent  Good
Heat Resistance Good Excellent Good  Good
Shade Tolerance Poor Fair Excellent Excellent
Color Retention Good Fair Good Excellent
Wear Tolerance Excellent Excellent Good Good
Fertiliser Requirement Good Good Good Good

Santa Ana Couch

Santa Ana has a lower water and fertiliser requirement than most other lawns. It is a very dense hybrid couch, so it is very resistant to wear, weed invasion, and is very weed and insect resistant.

Santa Ana also has excellent low temperature color retention; it is the most shade tolerant of the couches.

Recommended usage

Santa Ana Couch is a fine leaf lawn with a medium growth rate that tolerates low mowing. Its fine dense leaf blades give it an exceptionally high wear tolerance.
Santa Ana Couch is suitable for sports fields, schools, residential and commercial/recreational areas. It is also extensively used in golf course fairways and tees.

Sun & Shade Tolerance

Modest shade tolerance, it prefers full sun. If grown in full sun, the lawn will thrive and tolerate wear.


Santa Ana Couch is drought tolerant and hardy and given moderate fertilizing, watering and mowing will help maintain an attractive and durable lawn.


Kikuyu Kenda

This Australian bred Kenda Kikuyu grass is proving very promising in common usage as it holds superior green winter colour which is better than all other grass types, including in areas where frosts and cold winters can cause many lawns to brown off, and Kenda holds far deeper winter colour over common Kikuyu and other grasses including Couch, Buffalo and Zoysia.

Recommended usage

Kikuyu is a warm season turf with a medium broad leaf, which has a vigorous growth rate, making it an attractive hard-wearing turf surface suitable for schools, sports fields, commercial and semi arid areas and home lawns. Good for erosion control.

Sun & Shade Tolerance

Kikuyu will thrive in full sun and maintain a healthy appearance. Poor and sparse growth will occur in shady areas. In warmer climates it will grow vigorously.


Kikuyu will perform extremely well under heavy traffic conditions. It will regenerate rapidly when damaged by sending out runners to repair the worn or scalped areas.


Matilda Buffalo

Matilda is a semi dwarf leaf Buffalo Lawn. Its texture is so soft to touch and walk on you will never want to wear shoes when you have Matilda in your front & back yard.

Matilda’s leaf has a smooth soft texture both front and back making it the perfect soft lawn for year round use.

Matilda brings the indoors outdoors, as its lush soft surface is an inviting play area and entertaining area for both adults and children. Gone are the days of a buffalo Lawn that is harsh and hard to walk on without shoes.

Finally there is a solution to all your Lawn problems…

Matilda – the ultimate in Quality and Performance when it comes to an Australian born and breed Lawn.

With an outstanding summer and winter color, Softness, Drought Tolerance and wear resistance look no further than Matilda.

Matilda has been extensively tested and trialed in a Natural and open environment, giving its true and reliable performance results.

Matilda is a truly stunning lawn, designed to handle Australia’s harsh and fluctuating climate.

Matilda is a truly stunning lawn, designed to handle Australia’s harsh and fluctuating climate.

Matilda has a dense thatch giving your lawn an everlasting lush full look all year round. Its rich evergreen color is second to none, tolerating both full sun and part shade up to 80%.

Matilda will survive temperatures below zero and will self repair if damaged.

Matilda has been tested and proven to grow in even the harshest of conditions. Tested and trialed in Australia, Matilda is not affected by and will tolerate salty soil. Although not ideal for any turf, Matilda will grow on clay and rocky soils where most other turf varieties will not.

Matilda is Australia’s Lawn when it comes to a turf so easy to care for and so casual to own.

When it comes to the perfect lawn in color and performance you cant go past Matilda, the Ultimate in Premium Soft Buffalo.

Matilda Buffalo

100% Australian Hard Wearing Soft to Touch Shade Tolerant
Self Repairing Evergreen Drought Tolerant Disease Resistant

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is a popular type of instant lawn grown in Victoria. It is a cool season variety of turf that adapts to a wide range of soil conditions. Tall Fescue stays green all year round (if irrigated) and has no runners! The beauty of Tall Fescue is that it can be installed just about anywhere.

Recommended usage

It is a blade type grass, which means it will not invade your garden beds and it will retain it’s deep green color throughout the year. Maintenance levels would be described as medium with summer irrigation a must.

Sun & Shade Tolerance

Do you have an area that gets full sun throughout the day? Or do you have an area that will receive up to 55-60%shade, providing its getting filtered light?

Tall Fescue will not only survive but will prosper in all these areas.


Tall Fescue will handle moderate levels of foot traffic, which makes it popular for front and backyard use, especially around swimming pools and in areas that you are looking for a hardy reliable lawn.

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